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What do I do if I received a traffic or non-traffic citation?
You have 10 days to respond to a citation issued by a police officer. Your response must be addressed to the Magisterial District office that is listed on the face of the citation and not the police department. Follow the instructions on the back of your copy of the citation. Failure to respond within the 10 days allotted can result in a suspension of your driver's license and a warrant being issued for your arrest
Where do I pay fines for a traffic or non-traffic citation?
Fines for traffic and non-traffic citations must be paid at Magisterial District office that is listed on the face of the citation. There are three (3) Magisterial Districts for Haverford Township. The bounderies of each district is based on the political sub-divisions of the township. The mailing address is listed on the front of the citation. Please do not send payments to the police department.
I received a citation and feel it is unfair. What can I do?
You have the right to plead not guilty and contest the citation. Your not guilty plea must be addressed to Magisterial District office listed on the citation, and not the police department.
Where can I get information on a criminal or civil hearing?
All criminal and civil hearings are scheduled by the Magisterial District
How can I file a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order?
Protection from Abuse Orders are generally issued at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, Pennsylvania. However, emergency PFA's can be issued by local Magisterial District Judges during hours when the County Courthouse is closed. Contact the police department if you need an emergency PFA.
Must the police arrest someone in domestic violence cases?
Yes, under certain circumstances. Pennsylvania law provides that police officers have the duty to arrest someone for committing certain offenses against another person when a special relationship (as defined by law) exists between the two parties. Even when the victim refuses to cooperate with the prosecution, the law commands that the police shall make the arrest. This is often referred to as "Victimless Prosecution". For more information, check Pennsylvania Title 18 (known as the Crimes Code) Section 2711.
Can I request extra enforcement for specific problems (speeding, stop signs, etc.)?
Yes. Please address all such requests to Sergeant Bedrossian. He can be reached by telephone at (610) 853 - 1298 ext. 1212 or email at
How do I report a crime or emergency?
Call 911 to report emergencies, crimes in progress and any other request for police services. Otherwise, you can contact the Haverford Township Police Department voice mail system at (610) 853-1298
Does the police department provide fingerprinting services to the public?
Yes, if an officer is available.
Why won't the police intervene in civil matters?
Pennsylvania police officers are not authorized by statute to enforce civil orders (with the exception of PFA orders). While the police will often try to mediate civil disputes such as child custody disputes and landlord / tenant issues, they cannot take enforcement action unless a criminal offense has occurred.
I am leaving for an extended period of time. Can the police watch my House?
Yes. The Haverford Township Police Department provides a "Property Check" service.
Why does it take two or more officers to respond to some calls?
Many citizens call in and express concerns that there were two or more officers present during their encounter with the police. They often feel that they are not a threat to the officer and that having two or more officers present is insulting to them or implying that they are a criminal. Officers are trained at a very early stage in their career that they need to look out for the well being of one another. They are taught that they need to take the initiative to check on their fellow officers when they are out on a call or traffic stop. The officer out on the call or traffic stop appreciates his fellow officer's concern for his safety. In many instances, the officer may not have even called for assistance. The presence of multiple officers on service calls should not be viewed as an insult to the public. While you may be a law-abiding and respectful person, the officers do not necessarily know that. Officer safety equals safety for the public as well.
Do Haverford Township Police Officers have authority outside of Haverford Township?
Yes, under certain circumstances. Township police officers often respond to locations outside of Haverford Township at the request of other police departments to assist them with large or dangerous incidents. Under such circumstances, a Haverford Township Police Officer has the same authority as when he acts within Haverford Township. There are other times when a Haverford Township Police Officer has authority or "Police Powers" outside his/her jurisdiction, such as when the officer is in "hot pursuit" of a person who committed an offense within Haverford Township and the actor has fled into another jurisdiction, when the police officer is acting pursuant to a court order, or if the officer observes certain types of offenses while on official business outside of Haverford Township
What is the required training to become a police officer?
Training requirements for Pennsylvania police officers are regulated by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission. Their website can be found at
I would like to arrange for a tour of the police department, whom do I call?
Please contact the Community Policing Unit Supervisor, Sgt. Shant Bedrossian, at (610) 853 -1298 ext. 1212 to arrange for tours or other police demonstrations.
Where can I obtain copies of Haverford Township Ordinances?
Copies of all ordinances enacted within Haverford Township are available from the Haverford Township Municipal Building located at 2325 Darby Rd. Havertown, PA 19083 or the Haverford Township Municiple codes website at
How do I obtain a copy of an accident or incident report?
All requests for records must be submitted either in writing by U.S. Postal Mail or in person at the Haverford Township Police Department's Headquarters located at 1010 Darby Rd. Havertown, PA 19083. Alternately, a request can be made verbally, provided you appear in person. The Haverford Township Police Department will not accept requests for records via telephone. Please remit your request with the appropriate fee of $15 per report. In order for the Haverford Township Police Department to process your request, you must provide enough identifying information to allow the Haverford Township Police Department to locate the record. If you do not have the incident number, please contact the Police Department by telephone prior to submitting your request in writing, and someone will attempt to assist you in identifying the specific record. Under the Right to Know law, investigative reports are exempted from the definition of a "public record". Therefore, any requests for investigative reports will be denied. Also, criminal history information is strictly regulated and is also exempted from disclosure under the Right to Know law. Limited criminal history information is available by submitting a request with the Pennsylvania State Police. Please see for more information on criminal history requests.
What property taxes are there in Haverford Township?
There are three (3) property taxes in Haverford Township: Township Real Estate Taxes (collected and billed by Haverford Township), School Real Estate Taxes (collected and billed by Haverford Township School District (610) 853-5916), and County Real Estate Taxes (collected and billed by Delaware County (610) 891-4278).
What else is billed on my Township property tax bill?
The property tax bill shows three separately stated charges. The annual Township property tax, the sewer rent charges for any property connected to the public sewers and the annual residential trash collection fee are contained on the same annual bill from the Township.
How is my annual sewer charge calculated?
For properties connected to the Township sewer system, the sewer charge is based on water usage at a property for the period October 1 through the following September 30. This usage comes directly from Aqua PA. The usage is then multiplied by the rate in effect ($4.40/per 1,000g used) and charged on the next annual township real estate tax, sewer and trash collection bill that is issued annually at the end of January.
But I have well water, how is my annual sewer charge calculated?
For properties with a well water source connected to the Township sewer system, the charge is based on the number of persons living at a property. The Township sends out a bi-annual mailing to update our billing records. However, a property owner can voluntarily update the number of persons living in their home at any time and we will use the new information on the next billing.
But I have a septic system?
For properties with its own septic system, the Township does not charge a sewer rent and no charge should be shown on the annual property tax, sewer rent and trash collection bill.
Why is my property's assessment higher than my neighbor?
All property assessment determinations are made at the County level by the Delaware County Board of Assessment. Please call them directly at (610) 891-4879 for assessment information and details on the appeals process.
Where can I pay my Township property tax/sewer/trash bill?
The Township offers multiple options to pay for Township property tax/sewer/trash bill: visit either the Manoa or Eagle Road branch of Citizens Bank (must have the original bill), mail payments to the Township Building (addressed to: Haverford Township Finance Department, 1014 Darby Rd, Havertown, PA), visit our Township Building and pay directly Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm (excluding holidays), or pay online via our website with a credit card (2.65% convenience fee applies).
Results 1-24 of 24